Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Word of the day - "Cuchi Cuchi"

At a campaign rally in Mazatlán (Sinaloa), Josefina Vázquez Mota got carried away by the enthusiasm of the crowd of mostly female supporters and urged them to channel the classic theme of Aristophanes "Lysistrata" — withhold sex from their spouses if they didn't get out of bed to vote. Being a Catholic, I assume she was only referring to those legitimately married and wasn't referring to those who live in sin or who make their living off prostitution in that tourist and port city. Of course, if one would take her words literally and also make an appeal to those working in the sex trade it might be possible to bring more than 15 or 30 people to the polls.

Javier Valdez of Rio Doce  quotes her as saying:
“Vayan todas a votar, pero que no vayan solas, que vayan con 15 o 30 votos más, que vayan temprano antes que nadie a las urnas, que inviten a sus hijos, a sus amigas y a sus parejas; ¡ay de aquella pareja (hombre) que no vaya porque no le hacemos cuchi cuchi en un mes!”, dijo y le festejaron.

"Everybody get out to vote, but don't do it alone, go with 15 or 30 other votes, go early before anyone else gets to the polls, invite your children, your friends and your partners: warn your partner (a man) that if he doesn't go there won't be any cuchi cuchi for a month" she said amid the festive atmosphere.

Later at the plaza del Toros, Josefina did speak of more serious matters, but also asked her supporters to join in a crusade or democracy, and to paint an X on their hand with lipstick, a pen or a pencil and help out by bringing voters to the polls on July 1. But she repeated her warning aimed at men who wouldn't cooperate "Sweeties, there won't be any "cuchi cuchi" for a month if you don't join in this crusade.

She also is reported to have said that if their partners did go out to vote for Josefina, they should promise "doble chuchi cuchi".

The editorial cartoonists are already having a field day with this latest appeal to voters by Josefina Diferente. La Jornada's FISGON has one of the better ones (and with sophisticated references to religion, politics, history and literature).

and another from  Rocha June 20 in la Jornada http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2012/06/20/cartones/3

The image at the top is of Franciso Madero who campaigned against the dictator Porfirio Diaz with the slogan  "Effective representation - no re-election".

Many of us (of a certain age) associate the phrase "chuchi cuchi" with Charo, the bombshell entertainer and wife of band leader Xavier Cugat. But Cuchi Cuchi has many more literate links in Mexico and in Spanish literature. 

Here's a translation of one article making references to Cuchi Cuchi from Jornada in 1999 .

Classic scenes

A suitor enters the house of the Sisters Vivanco. Andrea (Hector Lechuga) entertains the gallant gentleman, while shouting: "Maritza, close the door " . Maritza (Manuel Loco Valdes) goes to the door and locks it while he says: "chirrín chin chin." Then he swallows the key with a lustful smile. The rest is left to viewer's imagination.

Cesar Montes Costa sings while Gina struts her anatomy prominently. Mid-song the vedette leaves only the interpreter on stage, and is suddenly interrupted by a plump, friendly man, dressed in impeccable tuxedo: "it is time chingüengüenchona, for Cuchi Cuchi, and yavasque-Shiites, 
(In memory teleadicta Seekers: Angel Mateos and Monica Vargas ).

An opportunity for a new T-Shirt to sell in Mexico

At the MORENA rallies (Movimiento Regeneracion Nacional) in support of AMLO, there is a popular T-Shirt that reads "No viné por las tortas, viné por mis huevos". 

I'm thinking of printing up some new T-shirts with a hand marked with an X in lipstick that says "No viné por el cuchi cuchi, viné por mis huevos".

Talk about a literal application of MORENA's Republica Amorosa.

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