Sunday, 10 June 2012

Photos from a MORENA rally in support of Andrés Manuel López Obrador

There was a large and noisy rally supporting Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico City's Zocalo last night. There were several public intellectuals who spoke (including Elena Poniatowska, Paco Taibo II, and Super-Barrio to name a few). I posted a YouTube video of Super-Barrio's speech to the crowd at 
People literally rushed to buy T-shirts and other signs of support for  YoSoy132

This woman said she was not affiliated with any party, but wanted to support AMLO because of the corruption in PRI and the failed war. Her sign makes reference to the Guardian report about media manipulation

Students from UNAM - Political Science. They asked me what was happening in Quebec, and how the government would respond

This young woman has never voted, but has made a commitment to AMLO

This sign contains the picture of AMLO that is found on T-shirts for kids.

This man said that he was not a member of any party, but that he was prepared to vote for AMLO. He is an engineer, and said there is talk about the election on the subways, in the cafes and in the halls of his work. Most of it supporting AMLO

Committed to La Republica Amorosa

Elena Ponatiowski before her short speech

The crowd in the Zocalo

Reading the names of the dead children from La Guarderia ABC. In response, the crowd shouted "They Didn't Need to Die"

"I am a prole and I love my country"

Super-Barrio during the reading of dead children's names

The crowd and cathedral in the background. The stage for Justin Bieber's Monday night concert is now in place and visible at the right

AMLO was in Guadalajara preparing for Sunday's debate, but his "muñeco" was giving out hugs

Paco Taibo II

More supporters of la Republica Amorosa and Morena

A housewife and her daughter add their support

A poster indicating why MORENA and AMLO are worried about mudslinging and fraud

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